Begin To Care Eyelashes With FEG Serum

Our eyes can express what we want to say lively, eye contact is indispensable part for people. And if we say eyes are the window to your soul, the eyelashes up the eyes must be the shutters. What can we do if the eyelashes are losing? How to take care of lashes?

The first factor causing lashes falling thinning is being aging. Besides, allergic reactions and health problems are the murders too. Some women even rub their eyelashes when felling nervous or bored. All the above factors will lead to the eyelashes become shorter and thinner.

Not only skin needs care, but also eyelashes, and for looking healthy is imperative to strictly follow moisturizing and cleansing process. Here we will share some tips about caring your eyelashes. Most of them can be finished at home.

* Try to remove your makeup every evening with specially designed eye cream or vegetable oil. In addition, cosmetic products for eyelashes therapy are also very helpful.
* It is advised you to take cold compresses with herbs for tired eye and eyelids ((chamomile, calendula, peppermint, etc.);).
* Do not overdo the mascara application. Use mascaras containing nutrients, vitamins;
* Stay away from the cheap product you have never heard of, which will do harm to your skin and eyelashes. It is smart to choose product from a wide know brand, such as FEG serum, working to nourish and care hair follicles to get longer eyelahes.

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