How To Heal Damaged Eyelashes And Grow Longer Lashes Without A Prescription


Many women are distressed about short and thin eyelashes. Since they have not been satisfied with the appearance of fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions. As we all know, those product not only look unnatural but also cause brittle lashes that break easily.

The first question should be solved is why your eyelashes are short. Here we list the main factors, some kind of health condition such as medicines, chemotherapy, malnutrition, or hormonal imbalance either due to age or autoimmune disease. Meanwhile, the cosmetics are another murders too, when using waterproof mascara, eyelash extensions, and fake eyelash, it is unavoidable for your eyelashes to suffer rubbing and pulling, even pulling out your eyelashes from the root. At last, eyelashes will become slighter and weaker.

Don’t you worry, there is a product FEG you can use to improve eyelashes, which will help you get regrow lashes naturally. Best of all, it is an over the counter medicine and can be ordered online. The effective ingredients in FEG serum work to nourish the lashes and condition the lash follicles. It will lead the eyelashes longer and thicker without breakage. And once you get the ideal lash length, just once or twice a week to maintain the effect.

Before purchasing FEG, what you should pay attention to is that almost 80% FEG liquid sold online are fake, which may be harmful to your eyes. It is advised to choose the official FEG website to avoid fake products. We are the leading seller to offer the authentic eyelash growth products, feel free to order.

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